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IMR Telecom public telephones are of superior quality and design. They are called the “SmartPhone” because each phone contains a computer board and chips inside the body of the phone. This computer technology enables the phone to perform several functions that the Verizon phone, which is not computer-equipped, cannot do.

The primary example of this superior “SmartPhone” technology is that the IMR Telecom “SmartPhone” reports on its own status daily. If anything has gone wrong with the phone or, as frequently happens, the phone’s coinbox has filled, IMR Telecom technicians are informed within hours.

IMR Telecom is the only phone company in New England to offer this daily phone tracking system.

Unlike IMR Telecom, Verizon must perform expensive on-sight inspections, wait for the phone’s coinbox to fill or wait for you to complain before they know something is wrong with their public telephones. This causes delays in repair, loss of revenue and unhappy ustomers.

IMR Telecom understands that a well maintained public telephone is essential to assure your satisfaction and the satisfaction of those who come to your establishment to use the phone.

To that end, IMR Telecom utilizes the latest technology in public telephone design and construction.

Reinforced keypads are designed to minimize damage and withstand normal wear and even abuse—thus reducing downtime.

Lexan handsets provide the best reliability and sound quality in the industry. Unlike Verizon’s older technology “dumb” public telephones, the IMR Telecom “SmartPhone” employs electronic rather than mechanical coin mechanisms. This sophisticated electronic system is virtually impossible to block or jam, and impossible to defraud using slugs. Since there are no moving parts, breakdown in this critical area is virtually eliminated.

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