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Simply put, Call AMERICA from IMR Telecom is the best buy available in long distance calling. Even more simply put, Call AMERICA calls are always less expensive than any other long distance calls. No matter what time of day, any long distance coin call from an IMR Telecom public telephone to anywhere in the continental U.S. is just 25¢ a minute.

While the standard local call is 50¢, many of our customers want to provide different pricing. Perhaps offering your customers a 35¢ or 25 ¢ local call makes more sense for you. IMR remains flexible in our pricing to allow you to offer what is best for your customers.

The lower cost of Call AMERICA long distance calls placed on an IMR Telecom public telephone are especially attractive for you, the business owner. Your customers will more frequently use your business’s public telephone for their long-distance calling, will be more likely to return and will more frequently purchase other items from your business. Commuters and traveling business people, frequent long-distance callers, will be attracted to your business’s public telephone as well. College students, away from home and family and still with the impulse-spending habits of teenagers, will be frequent users of your IMR Telecom public telephones. Your customers will appreciate Call AMERICA and will appreciate you for providing it.

IMR Telecom public telephones are clearly and attractively marked. Call AMERICA is easy for your customers to use and even easier for them to remember. They will be back.

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