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IMR Telecom was formed in 1986, taking advantage of the competitive and relatively free atmosphere created by the government-ordered breakup of the telephone giant AT&T. Prior to the breakup of AT&T into regional telephone companies, virtually all public telephones were owned by AT&T and businesses which allowed public telephones to be placed in them were paid tiny commissions. The phone company took these businesses for granted.

As part of the breakup, the business of providing public telephones was opened up to competition. The benefits to the consumer were felt almost immediately in expanded service, improved maintenance, and a reduction of costs. But any benefits to the establishments where those public telephones were located were very slow in coming.

IMR Telecom has the guiding mission that the businesses which allow a public telephone on their premises are a worthy and respected customer, as is the user of the public telephone. It is the IMR Telecom mission that client businesses are to be served, informed, communicated with, and paid…just like the respected customer they are. IMR Telecom client-businesses are NEVER taken for granted.

IMR Telecom is New England-based and New England-owned. Through association a with national organization, IMR Telecom is able to provide nationwide service and support to its clients with national locations—but IMR Telecom remains local and loyal. Clients who have dealt with the bureaucracy, coldness and slow inefficiency of a huge corporate utility find the scope and scale of IMR Telecom totally refreshing.

Under the guidance of its founders, IMR Telecom has provided twenty years of top-notch, uninterrupted service to its loyal customers and client-businesses. The business is well-funded and backed by numerous New England financial institutions.

IMR Telecom is a founding member of the New England Public Communications Council, an influential, regional public communications organization dedicated to creating an environment that promotes fair and equal competition for the benefit of the industry and the public.

IMR Telecom is a member of the following professional organizations: Massachusetts Telecommunications Council (charter member), American Public Communications Council, New England Public Communications Council

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