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The 1984 FCC mandate which led to the AT&T divestiture initiated a revolution in public communications. As with any major industry in transition, new economic realities opened new paths to opportunity and profitability. IMR Telecom’s forward-thinking entrepreneurs seized this opportunity and created a competitive environment and stimulated technology that developed the “smart” pay phone—all of which raised the level of quality within the pay telephone industry.

The next step in that evolution is a service provider who can fulfill the strong market demand to service the needs of America’s regional and national corporations. IMR Telecom was formed to fill that need.

We are New England’s largest independent pay phone company. When you choose IMR Telecom, your company is backed by a dedicated group of professionals whose management expertise yields greater profits to many of New England’s premier companies. Your public communications are managed by applying the benefits of technology and service programs unequaled on a national scale.

IMR Telecom’s management program is designed to facilitate the needs of companies with local, regional or national locations. In much the way AT&T operated prior to divestiture, we have established operational uniformity in every area. Our strategic location in the heart of New England, and our central management combine to make IMR Telecom the only organization that operates as a “single point of responsibility.”

We provide companies three distinct opportunities: the means to eliminate pay phone related administrative costs, enhanced commissions and the highest level of service available.

1. IMR Telecom’s standard of performance is based on providing our customers the benefits of improved technology, greater profit opportunity and, most important, a unparalleled dedication.

2. IMR Telecom’s proprietary revenue tracking program was designed to simplify our customers’ diverse accounting needs by providing a single, comprehensive management report. IMR Telecom’s program provides a detailed report based on all revenue sources generated by each pay telephone.

3. A commitment to preventive maintenance ensures our pay telephone equipment is maintained in working order, which reflects your business’s image and level of quality your customers expect. Unlike the regional Bell companies’ pay telephones, IMR Telecom’s “smart” phones offer the latest technology in service and collection information. The future of public communications offers new opportunities. As New England’s largest independent pay telephone company, IMR Telecom is dedicated to maximizing the efficiency and profitability of your public communications program.

As a “single point of responsibility,” IMR Telecom’s coin-operated pay telephones and long distance services maximize your company’s earnings. When you choose IMR Telecom, you join the leader.

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